Finally: Stop asking “Is there more to life than this?”

Your alarm rings. As you drift out of sleep your heart sinks. You just don’t know if you can make it through another day. And you need another 3 hours sleep because you spent half the night awake wondering how the hell you were going to get your report finished in time for the client meeting. You lie in bed repeating over and over “I don’t want to get up”, “I don’t want to get up”, and “I don’t want to get up” … and then you do – because you have to.

Now you are rushing. Agitated and grumpy you get ready, ignoring your spouse (who just doesn’t get you or support you) and jumping into the morning traffic jam. You run dreadful ‘what-if’ scenarios though your head, feeling frustrated and impotent.

Then you start thinking about your life. Something is just not right. You’re not having any fun. Everything feels like a chore. Life’s so dull you wonder if there’s any point to it.  You want something but you’re not sure what – something more; something different; something better. You let out a big sigh and say to yourself, for the umpteenth time, “My life really sucks”.

You arrive at work with a heavy heart…


If you want to change the way you’re running your life…

… and you’ve  got a deep desire to release your magnificance .. 

and if you want to…

  • become more confident,
  • improve your relationships,
  • overcomes procrastination,
  • become more effective and
  • wake up feeling excited about your life…

then Online Life Mastery was designed with you in mind.


The people who have already joined the Online Life Mastery Program did so because they want to get the very best out of what’s left of life.

Online Life Mastery is a comprehensive, all-Inclusive, online training program that will take you on a journey to successfully master your life.

Although the program is a six month program (one module per month) ,  you will have access for life, so you can work at your own pace and in your own time.

On the Membership site you will find recorded classes, exercises, a community forum, mentorship calls, reading lists and more.

Content on the Membership site includes:

  • The absolute “must know” information about communication, goal setting and relationships
  • Several powerful, step-by-step methods to manage your time effectively
  • An inside look at how limiting beliefs are formed, how they sabotage your relationships, your finances, and your career, and how to eradicate them for good
  • The latest research on how your thought patterns and language create your reality
  • Worksheets to help you identify your top values
  • Fun exercises for visualising your ideal life
  • A simply process for creating confidence in any situation
  • An in depth look at developing a strong sense of self

Included in the training is:

  • A private members only forum where alumni can help and support each other. You’ll be able to post success stories and ask for suggestions (and provide suggestions) from your Fellow Life Masters in Training
  • Training for each core milestone to mastering your life. You’ll be given exercises to complete in preparation for the topic. The recorded webinar will explore and give you training on the topic, after which, you’ll complete additional exercises to further your integration of the topic.
  • There will be a regular (every 4-6 weeks) telecon where I will be personally available to answer questions. Each call will take place at different times to cater for members around the world.
  • New modules will be added from time to time and you will access to these and any new material that becomes available at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Online Life Mastery is a product I created after working closely with people for many years. One thing I hate is to see people STRUGGLING with their lives.


I grew up being pretty average at everything I did. However, as I grew older and experienced difficult times I discovered how much I didn’t know about life – and so I developed an insatiable appetite for workshops, books and experiential seminars.

Every time something went wrong in my life, I set about learning and understanding as much as I could. I learnt about myself and then began to grasp more about how others operated.

I studied formally as well:  Applied Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Ontological Coaching and numerous other personal development and coaching courses. I learned to observe myself and others. I became more aware of what was happening inside and out.

Since working as a life coach for the past 7 years, I have also contributed frequently to magazine articles in Destiny, Longevity, Financial Mail, Fair Lady, Sarie and many others.

I write a monthly column for Glamour Magazine (SA), and Kids News. I have appeared on SA national television.

I have my own blog I have also appeared on other blogs as a guest: The Change Blog and  PickTheBrain. Guest posts of mine will appear on LiveBold&Bloom and ThinkSimpleNow in the near future. As a result I have shared my ideas with thousands of readers and viewers.

I  have been  involved with a successful prisoner rehabilitation program for the past 6 years.

My passion is to help people create a life that they wouldn’t want to change. I am here to help you be the best you can be. I believe Life Mastery comes from small, focused changes taken every day.

To date, I’ve helped women and men achieve success in their lives through my coaching practice. I have well over 1500 hours coaching experience.


What will OLM do for you?

  • You’ll be able to work through the course in your own time and at your own pace
  • You’ll learn about yourself and understand yourself better
  • You’ll be able to express your feelings in a constructive way so that people around you will understand you
  • You’ll have more fabulous days than miserable days
  • You’ll live your life in a way that honours yourself and is true to yourself
  • You’ll be able to deal with issues in relationships constructively and appropriately and, as a result, you’ll form stronger bonds
  • You’ll have more focus and procrastinate less
  • Because you’ll learn to truly listen to others, people around you will feel understood and will think you’re awesome.
  • Beginning to know and understand yourself allows you to make decisions that are right for you.
  • With better communication skills you’ll be able to get what you want
  • Taking better care of yourself will allow you to feel rested and energetic
  • You’ll be excited about waking up in the morning and look forward to each day
  • You’ll get the very best out of what is left of your life
  • You’ll find the path to a more magnificent YOU


What members have said:

CLARE: Thank you for a great opportunity to master my life!  I loved the homework and could easily fit it in. I struggled to do the tele-meetings -sorry! But the two I participated in I enjoyed and enjoyed spending the time with people who had similar and different issues. The group was interestingly diverse. I thought the cost was very good. Your slides were good and will be referred to often.  Thanks again and good luck.  Clare xx”


JO: “I’m really trying hard with the exercises and am amazed at how writing it all down puts things in perspective. Reading things I have written at a later date also shows the evolution of my feelings. Really good to realize. Loving the self awareness and peace it brings :)

I loved today’s session, and what I really want to take away from it is the mode of communication: when you.., I feel .., because..

For me this sets up a way of communication, so that whoever you are talking to actually does listen. I’m going to practice on my husband and kids

Thanks Kirsten.”


DOT: You put in examples from your own life or real life experiences in the webinar, in explaining the concepts, and they serve as a reminder and reinforcing what I have been learning.  As you said, it doesn’t happen overnight, you have to keep practicing and working at it.

SO, THANK YOU. I’m thrilled that I enrolled, and know that I will continue to learn from your knowledge and experiences, as well as from the experiences of the other participants.”


MARK: “I’m going to stop using terms like ‘we will see’ and ‘we will make a plan’ when my son asks me about doing things, I’m going to answer Yes or No”


How Much Will This Cost?

The full price of this comprehensive, all-inclusive 6 month training program will be $281 US  (OR R2400). This includes access to the membership site, all the content, mentorship calls, and support from alumni.

How about a bonus for you?

Bonus 1: Lifelong membership and access to ALL future products developed by Coach 4 Life. This is an extraordinary bonus – the reason why I am doing this is because Life Mastery is a life journey – and by joining this community you will get lifelong support as you travel on your journey! OK, let me be honest here, it’s mainly because I become really fond of the people I work with and I want to stick with them on their journey.  One more thing – the truth is I’m not going to live forever, but you’ll have access as long as I’m around on this lovely planet.


Bonus 2: Magic Motivation (create success in your life no matter how stuck or unmotivated you are)




Bonus3: Perfect Balance (how to find time and energy for all aspects of life)




Bonus 4: Journaling Joys  (a workbook on how to use a journal to learn about yourself)






My Guarantee:


If at any time during your first 3 months with Online Life Mastery, you feel that it isn’t the right fit for you, just send us an email with a copy of your completed answers for the exercises from any Module. Your fee + 10% will be refunded, no questions asked.

All we expect from you is that you make an effort to implement the work. The training is about commitment and taking action. If you are committed, so are we…

Buy now!  I’ll be adding new content in the next few months. The price will increase for new buyers at that stage. You’ll get all the new content at no extra cost. Loyalty today pays for a lifetime.

This is your chance to do something for yourself…  For a change…  Right now…

You can choose to stay as you are, wishing for more in life, wondering if there is more to life


You you can choose to change, starting now – take action, buy now and begin the work immediately.


Click on the button and order right now.

Once your order is through you will get an email giving you access to

Order now!

If you don’t order now, you will continue to wake every day, dreading your life, wondering if there isn’t anything better. Every day will drag and you’ll feel stuck. You won’t get any further. Your relationships will continue to be bland and your life will remain dull and unexciting.


You can order HERE, NOW

Choose between the different payment options below:


Save Money And Pay 100% Up Front with Credit Card OR EFT(in Rands via MonsterPay: R2400)

Delivery time 72 hours.


Save Money And Pay 100% Up Front (in US Dollars via Paypal: $281)

Delivery time: You’ll have access to the site as soon as your payment has gone through.


Use My Payment Plan (in US Dollars: $100 per month for 3 months)

Delivery time: You’ll have access to the site as soon as your payment has gone through.



P.S. Ordering now gives you access now. You can begin your Journey right now. You’ll feel better as soon as you have taken action and realize that you CAN change things. When you go into the membership site, start by introducing yourself on the forum, so that you immediately become part of the supportive community.

PPs. Remember you will have access to regular mentoring calls where you can ask any questions about anything to do with your life mastery journey. You won’t miss out if you can’t make a mentoring call – they’ll all be posted on the site so that you can listen later – you’ll learn much from the questions that others are asking too… You questions are important, and you’ll get the answers you need – either on the forum, or on the mentoring calls, or in your coaching session with me. I want you to successfully master your life, and I am here to support you – as is the community of members.

PPS. This is your opportunity to leave those feelings of apathy, dullness and boredom behind. Use the content on the site to increase your knowledge and the support you receive to give you the courage to make the changes you want to make. Remember, you DO NOT HAVE TO DO THESE LIFE CHANGES ALONE, we are here to hold your hand on the journey, to support you and cheer you on…

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